Hi! I’m Anna, and I run this here sandwich site. I am a stay-at-home mom, and my husband works in the remodeling/construction business. We were looking for ways to save money, and decided that bringing lunch to work would be a great help! But after a few days, the same old PB&J on white bread got old. Old to make… and old to eat.

I remembered back to when I was in school and my dad would make my lunches. He made these fantastic sandwiches that tasted amazing. Kids would ask me if my parents owned a deli! So I looked at our sandwiches and thought “We can do better.”

And we did! This site is a collection of our sandwich ideas and what we’ve learned making sandwiches every day.

When we started this site, it had all sorts of sandwiches on it. But I remember thinking “How long until I turn this website vegan?” Well… not long. We are now a vegan sandwich site! And I think that is needed… you don’t see too many vegan sandwiches around. 

So… Enjoy! And Sandwich like you mean it!