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Sundried Tomato Recipe for Sandwiches

You know what takes your sandwiches to the next level? Bomb a** toppings. And while you can buy most toppings in the store, making your toppings is usually cheaper, tastier, and gives you more control over the taste and texture. Not that I’m a control freak. But you can taste the difference. 

Every year we grow tomatoes. Tomatoes for roasting, for sauces and soups, and tomatoes for sandwiches. We grow several big cutting tomatoes that are perfect in between two slices of bread. But we also grow cherry tomatoes. Normally you don’t think to put cherry tomatoes on a sandwich. But they make great sundried tomatoes!

First pick (or buy) a lot of cherry tomatoes. If you grow them, you will know that this is not hard to do. They like to produce. Rinse them off and cut them in half. Layer them on an oven tray. Don’t use that shiny aluminum… it doesn’t react well with the acid of the tomatoes. At this point, you could just put them in the oven. But that is lame. We are going to add herbs. Because herbs make everything taste better. What kind of herbs? Well that is up to you. I added basil and oregano.

Then, you just pop them in the oven at 215 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees C), and wait for a long… long… long time. We’re talking hours. Don’t want to do that? You can also dehydrate them in a dehydrator (I’ve never tried) or actually put them out in the sun (definitely never tried). But the sun method takes days. So hours doesn’t seem so long compared to that.

NOTE: By drying these tomatoes yourself, you can pick how dry you want them to get. I like mine to have a bit of juiciness to them. They are still sweet and taste totally awesome, but they aren’t like leather. Because yuck. I also don’t save them in oil. When you buy them at the store, they are drenched in oil, because they have to be to jar them. I just store them in a container in my fridge and eat them up before they go bad. Simple.

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