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Throw a Vegan BLT Feast! Food Party. Plant Based. Vegan. | | SavageSandwiches.com

Vegan BLT Party Feast

I love the idea of make your own food parties. Food bars are where you let the guests construct their own meal from the ingredients you put out. I’ve seen pizza bars, taco bars, baked potato bars, and cupcake bars. But the best bar ever? The cupcake bar. A Sandwich Bar. And what better sandwich to start with than a BLT! Read more

Coconut Bacon vs. Eggplant Bacon. Plant Based. Vegan. | | SavageSandwiches.com

Coconut Bacon vs. Eggplant Bacon

One of my pet peeves is when vegan food tries to imitate non-vegan food. Like Mac N Cheese. No matter what it looks like, vegan “Mac N Cheese” will never taste like dairy Mac N Cheese. Likewise, vegan “bacon” is not like bacon bacon. And why are we even trying to make bacon? …I digress… so, it should come as no surprise that I have not tried to make vegan bacon before. BUT I wanted to do a Savage Vegan BLT Party, so I kind of felt obligated to give the whole vegan bacon thing a chance.

There are lots of vegan bacon recipes floating around, but by far the two I have seen the most are Vegan Coconut Bacon and Vegan Eggplant Bacon. So these are the two I tried. Which one is better? Let’s see… Read more