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Vegan BLT with Coconut Bacon, Avocado, and Garlic Basil Mayo. Plant Based. Vegan. | | SavageSandwiches.com

Vegan BLT with Coconut Bacon, Avocado, and Roasted-Garlic Basil Mayo

If I ever make a “best of” page, this sandwich will be on it. This BLT blew my mind! And I’ve been eating a fair amount of BLTs since having my Vegan BLT Feast. So you can take my word for it. Or rather, don’t… because you need to make this and experience it for yourself.


Let us examine this masterpiece, shall we?

Bacon – I used coconut bacon. This was my first time ever making coconut bacon, and it was the bomb. It added what has been missing from my tomato sandwiches thus far: crunch and salty savoriness. For the record, I am not a fan of calling it “bacon”, because it’s misleading. It doesn’t taste like bacon. It has its own amazing taste. Any ideas for a different name?

Tomato – For this sandwich I used German Johnson tomato. It’s huge and delicious and an heirloom. If you think there’s only one type of tomato, you need to get out of the grocery store. Get yourself to a Farmer’s Market, or even better… start a garden.

Lettuce – I used some red leaf lettuce, but you could use any nice leaf lettuce here. Once again, fresh and local is better.

Avocado – Everything tastes better with avocado. That is a well known fact. FACT.

Roasted-Garlic Basil Mayo – This is my most favoritest mayonnaise evaaar!! I have been known to put it on everything. Every sandwich ever. But seriously, the roasted garlic goes great with all these flavors, as does the basil. Everyone knows tomatoes and basil are best friends.

Bagel – You could put this on any good bakery bread, but I opted for a bagel, because I have a thing for bagels. Now you know.

Why is this a perfect summertime sandwich? Definitely because of the tomato. I wait MONTHS to eat tomatoes, because I refuse to eat tomatoes in the winter. Why? Because they are sad and tasteless and… sad. (Yes, I said sad twice. That’s how sad they are.) There is a reason why we eat IN SEASON! It’s cheaper, yes, but also because the flavors are so much more robust. So, I wait months for that first ripe tomato. And then, I eat tons and tons of tomatoes. Enough to last me until next summer.

So go get yourself some tomatoes and make this Vegan BLT Sandwich right now. Now. No, seriously. Go.

Vegan BLT with Coconut Bacon, Avocado, and Roasted-Garlic Basil Mayo

The BEST vegan BLT ever. Heirloom tomatoes, fresh lettuce, Coconut Bacon, and avocado. Slathered with my signature roasted-garlic basil mayonnaise. Get you some.


  • 1 bagel (or bread of your choice)
  • a lot coconut bacon
  • lettuce, summer variety
  • sliced tomato, I used German Johnson
  • sliced avocado

Roasted-Garlic Basil Mayo

  • 2 tbsp vegan mayonnaise, I use Vegenaise
  • 2 cloves roasted garlic
  • 1 tbsp chopped fresh basil


Roasted-Garlic Basil Mayo

  1. mix together the roasted garlic, mayonnaise, and chopped basil


  1. Layer on your bagel: lettuce, tomato, avocado, coconut bacon, and roasted-garlic basil mayo.

  2. Eat!

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