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Tomato Sandwich with Cream Cheese and Onion (vegan)

When I first started eating vegan, I scoured the internet for recipes. And nothing would make me angrier (and more jealous) than coming across a great recipe that used vegan products we just didn’t have. I’m looking at you, people in California… with your vegan ice-cream, yogurt, and cream cheese. But guess what?? My supermarket now carries some of those things, and now I’m the prick posting up recipes using these ingredients. Hahahaha! Sorry guys.

I totally bought some vegan cream cheese at the grocery this week. Usually I only get it when it’s on sale, because it is super expensive. But I really wanted to make this sandwich, so I bought some anyway.

Nut cheese. Geez. What a name. That’s right up there with Nutritional Yeast. Like, seriously?? Anyways, it tastes good. (And no, I’m not being sponsored by this nut cheese company… this is just the only nut cheese available here.) What does nut cheese look like, exactly?…

It looks like cream cheese. And it tastes like cream cheese. My non-vegan family members eat it and like it. So there.

Next on the list… tomatoes. Luckily, we are drowning in tomatoes this year. Gardening is the best, y’all.

And the onions are from the garden too. I decided to use red onion, because they are sweeter and so very pretty!

Look at my beautiful onion! Look at it! Now look at it again…

Ok. I’m done shoving my onion in your face. So you may have noticed that there aren’t many ingredients to this sandwich. That’s because it doesn’t need a lot of ingredients. The tomato and onion are fresh and in season, and the cream cheese gives them the creamy base to really let their flavors shine. Creamy nut cheese, luscious tomatoes, and the sharp bite of the onion… mmmmmmmmm… So good.

I could eat this for breakfast all summer long. The perfect summertime sandwich, imo.

Happy Summer Everyone!

Tomato Sandwich with Vegan Cream Cheese and Red Onion

The perfect light, crisp Summertime Breakfast Sandwich. Bagel topped with vegan cream cheese, ripe tomatoes, and red onion.


  • 1/2 bagel (open face sandwich)
  • 2-3 tbsp vegan nut cheese
  • sliced tomato
  • sliced red onion


  1. Layer the nut cheese, tomato, and red onion on the bagel.

  2. Eat!

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